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We have designed the Arran Street East notebooks for people who would like to write, sketch and journal on 120gsm, 100% recycled fibre paper, tape-bound by hand, suitable for fountain pens or other inky instruments, designed by Arran Street East, and beautifully handmade for us by Badly Made Books in Cork.

The A5 notebook-covers come in a choice of natural, or almond recycled fibres, in three cover patterns, based on our own hand-drawings of either a flower, or a bicycle, or a pottery pot.  The tessellating pot is inspired by our stoneware pottery pots; the mad flower is inspired by the flower wholesalers next door to the pottery; and the Arran Street East team love bikes, cycling to and from the pottery each day. They measure 20x14cm, with a pocket in the back for storing your own scraps of inspiration, and have 112 pages of lines, dots or an unprinted finish for you to write on.

The A6 brickwork-patterned notebooks are redolent of the archways in the Victorian fruit and vegetable market facade, which the pottery is next door to.  They measure 14x10cm and come in a choice of three patterns in either natural or almond recycled fibre covers.  The 84 pages are unprinted, providing you with the perfect blank canvas to make your mark on.

We hope you will enjoy writing in these notebooks as much as we do!

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