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At-Home Pottery Kit with Arran Street East Online Videos

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The benefits of working with clay are endless: it's therapeutic and calming, supports your personal sensory and creative development, and offers the opportunity to step back from being busy to concentrate on making something useful, or beautiful, or both.

If you would like to explore making with clay, but can’t come into our studio, we have created a series of videos in which we show you how to make your own pottery projects by hand at home. We supply you with everything you need to make the pieces - clay, tools, and step by step instruction – now you just need to do it!

We would love to see what you make! Please tag us, email us, or send us a clip of your creations. Thank you!

Important note: the clay included in the kit is not suitable for home ovens. Please leave it to airdry - or recycle it and work with it again and again (we’ll show you how).

 What's included:

- 4 Project videos and 4 supporting videos; 110 minutes of recorded content

- Toolkit with the tools you need, including: the wire, ribbon tool, needle, loop tool, wooden rib, sponge, metal kidney, modelling tool.

- Clay needed to work on your project

How it works: When you purchase our Online Pottery Projects we will post the toolkit and clay to your home. We will also email you the link to the videos.

 Videos included:

    • Folded Box - in this video you will learn how to make shapes with clay, using slab building, as well as basic decorative slip and scoring techniques (38 minutes)
    • Jewellery Dish - this project showcases the pinching technique. (18 minutes)
    • Carved Box - you will learn about carving and sculpting in this project (10 minutes)
    • Tea Light Holder – you will learn how to make a small holder for a tiny tealight candle (23 minutes)
    • How to make Slip – you will learn how to use slip to join sections of unfired clay, such as handles and spouts and to fix into place pieces of decoration made separately from clay  (1 minute) Preview the “How to Make Slip” video
    • Wedging (7 minutes) – you will learn how to prepare your clay for use
    • Decorating – you will learn how to decorate your piece when it's dry (6 minutes)
    • Clay Recycling – you will learn how you can reuse your clay again, and again! 

What's included in the toolkit:


*** There is no refund on this item. This doesn't affect your statutory rights.  

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