You're Kiln Me - a night of comedy at Arran Street East


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In the words of the cherished Monty Python 'and now for something completely different'. Arran Street East invites you to You're Kiln Me, an evening of comedy with eight of Dublin's funniest comedians.

Where: Arran Street East, 1 Little Green Street, Dublin 7
When: Friday the 17th of May, 8pm - till late
Price: €5 entry, BYOB


Seats are limited so please book now!



Emily Ashmore

Emily is a 45 year old hungover divorcee trapped in a 19 year old hungover comedian´s body. She talks Micheal D, selling good vibes and Toblerones in her set, all in a desperate attempt to get some attention from her Mother.

Matthew Tallon

Matthew Tallon got into stand-up to avoid going into the family business: reproducing and dying. He has performed at the Vodafone Comedy Festival, Laugh Factory Chicago, Bray Comedy Festival and inside his own lucid dreams.  


KERZ, yes simply KERZ. Some would call him a young rapscallion of the Dublin Comedy scene, one of the founders of the Dante’s Comedy Club, we would call him a very funny man with a honest perspective that is uniquely KERZ.

Mr Hennessy

Hennessy has won many awards including Irish Student Comedian of the Year 2015, Chicago Stand Up Showdown 2016 and Open Mic fest 2017. He is also a regular at many top festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Vodafone Comedy Festival, do not miss this high-octane performer.

Pauline Shanahan

Pauline has played all the major clubs in Ireland as well as the Vodafone Comedy Festival and Electric Picnic. She is taking her show ´What´s Cooler Than a Hipster, A Spinster!´to this years Fringe Festival.

Ashlee Bentley

Winner of Show me Funny 2016 and finalist in Funny Women in 2018, jokes about cheating and veganism. This girl is on the rise, having performed at major festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Vodafone Comedy Festival.

Martin Angolo

Comedian, writer, podcaster, video person for the Try Channel and a dirty son of a gun (his words). Whilst we can not testify to how much of a dirty son of a gun Angolo is, we can assure you, that he is indeed a great performer, having also seen his fair share of the festival circuit, and at some point I'm sure he won something.

Àine Gallagher

Àine Gallaher is a gifted performer with skills in stand-up comedy, acting, hosting events and performing bilingual comedy. Her comedy guarantees audiences a divinely awkward experience as she uses her deadpan style to introduce fun and often complex themes, through the naive and innocent viewpoint portrayed by her character - it’s pure comedy genius.


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