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Pottery With Your Friends, Colleagues or Classmates - Online

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Pottery With Your Friends, Colleagues or Classmates - Online Ceramic Projects Course And Kit 

About the Course

The benefits of working with clay are endless: it's therapeutic and calming, supports your personal sensory and creative development, and offers the opportunity to step back from being busy to concentrate on making something useful, or beautiful, or both.

If you would like to explore making with clay, but can’t come into our studio, we can organise a zoom session with you and your colleagues, where we work with you to show you simple and enjoyable, projects to work on. We will supply you with everything you need to make the pieces.

Important note: the clay included in the kit is not suitable for home ovens. Please leave it to airdry or recycle it and work with it again and again (we’ll show you how).

 What's included:

- Live tuition with one of our experienced teachers online.

- Individual Toolkit with the tools each person will need, including the wire, ribbon tool, needle, loop tool, wooden rib, sponge, metal kidney, modelling tool. 

- Individual Clay each person will need to work on their projects.

All toolkits and clay will be sent to one address for internal distribution to all participants. 

If you have any questions about this course please email us to  

Thank you!

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