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Let us glaze your pottery!

Regular price €10.00

If you are on this page, it means you already had a course or a weekend class with Arran Street East and are considering having some (extra) pieces fired for you!  We're delighted to have been part of your pottery journey so far.

Now that you've created your unique pieces, let us assist you in adding the final touches. Our team will carefully guide your pots through the bisque firing process, apply glazes with care, and fire them once more. While perfection may be an ongoing pursuit, we will do our best to enhance your individual pottery even further!

Please select the quantity of pottery pieces you want us to glaze for you (which you've created during your course or class, and left at the studio with an asterisk * sign) and the month when your last class took place.

Each piece is priced at 10 euros.

Please note:

After you finish your course you have up to one week to book Glazing Extra for your pieces - after that they will be recycled as we don’t have space to keep unglazed pieces, sorry.

If you have any questions, let us know at

Thank you!

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