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Our Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is almost upon us, and while we've been getting pots ready for all our Christmas orders, we've also been crushing on some gorgeous design that we'd love to find under the tree on Sunday morning.

We love the linen dresses from Not Gilty - the perfect uniform for simple and beautiful clothes to wear every day. The Closca foldable bike helmet is super safe, practical, and yet stylish too - no mean feat for a bicycle helmet. BySandia handmakes her painted suede necklaces in Ireland, they've got us thinking up festival outfits to wear them with already.

Ohhio is a Kickstarter funded brand making these incredible enormous knit blankets - exactly what you need to wrap up in on St. Stephen's Day. We love this slimline foldover pouch from Everlane - perfect for decluttering for 2017, and a great example of Everlane's radical transparency model in action. And finally, just one pot, Svend Bayer's lipped mixing bowl: simple, refined, and with echoes of Bayer's Far Eastern influence.

Happy holiday-ing to all our friends, we hope you all find things that you love waiting for you this Christmas!

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